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About Us

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Traction is a full line supplier of quality heavy vehicle replacement parts at competitive prices.

Our customers consist of three segments:

  • Fleets and owner-operators undertaking maintenance of their own vehicles
  • Repair shops carrying out maintenance for their clients' heavy vehicles
  • Specialized heavy-duty equipment manufacturers

We sell a complete range of truck parts to our parts stores located from coast to coast, as well as to independent re-sellers and specialized shops.

The Traction store network offers complete range of truck and trailer components to broad customer base:

  • Fleets
  • Truck dealers
  • Repair shops
  • Bus companies
  • Contractors
  • Re-sellers
  • Municipalities

What is the Traction Advantage?

  • Extensive Product Offerings - Intended as a one-stop shop location, Traction offers a full line of truck and trailer components
  • Partnership with all major suppliers of the industry - More than 150 supplier partners to provide the best coverage in the heavy duty aftermarket
  • HD Plus Product Line & Warranty - The "HD Plus" private brand represents a wide range of products priced very competitively that meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Leading edge Sales & Marketing Programs - The Traction Associate program, customized brochures & sales flyers, etc.
  • Catalogs & Literature - Easy access to all suppliers' catalogs supported by the Traction network, along with customized HD Plus catalogs & literature
  • Training & Technical Sales Representatives - Traction offers technical clinics to contribute to the improvement of the technical knowledge and skills of our customers' mechanics

Traction is proud to participate in different activities and be affiliated with numerous associations related to the trucking industry. In doing so, Traction wishes to contribute to the industry’s growth and development in collaboration with all key decision-makers.

In addition to its commitment of excellence in servicing the heavy vehicle parts industry, Traction believes in giving back to the community. For this reason, we are proud to sponsor and support organizations involved in local community activities.

Traction Heavy Duty Parts has heavy vehicle replacement parts for when you need them! Click here to find the store near you!